Whether you are a small proprietorship or a small to mid-size corporation, having a bookkeeper can ensure accurate records and give you peace of mind.

If your business bookkeeping needs to become more organized, if your books are upside down, if you are being audited, or if you need a professional to come in and straighten out the records left by a former employee or accountant from another firm – we can help you!

Working with a bookkeeper can streamline your year-end preparation and potentially lower your accounting costs. Professional bookkeeping services also allow you to have a better overall picture of your business’ progress and potential.

We can work with you to create customized services suited to your business needs and your budget.

Bookkeeping Services

► Post monthly bank statements, credit card statements, and cash receipts

► Provide comparative year-to-date monthly statements to keep business and expenses on target

► Reconcile bank and credit card accounts

► Accounts receivable

► Accounts payable

► Payroll deductions calculation

► Payroll remittances calculation

► Preparation of Record of Employment

► Preparation and filing of tax information slips (T4s, T5s, T5013s, T5018s etc.)

► GST return preparation and filing

► WCB return preparation and filing

► Monthly, quarterly, and annual custom reports suited to your needs

If you require expert financial guidance, we offer consultations to help you determine the best course of action for your business requirements.

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