Notice to Reader

Notice to Reader

Compilation of financial statements (or Notice to Reader) are the most cost-effective option for those who want financial statements for low level financing, or internal management use purposes.

Our accountants prepare your financial statements based on information provided by you. Comparatives of the prior year are provided to enable you to analyze trends of your business.

We provide no assurance that they are free from error as provided.

We also provide a year-end review to discuss your business activity during the year, and address any questions you may have and to help you further understand what is happening with your business.

Notice to Reader Services

► Compile comparative financial statements, including a: Balance Sheet, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Income Statement.

► Provide a detailed management letter outlining upcoming tax liability and filing responsibilities and any other concerns identified during the compilation process.

► Prepare and file the T2 Corporate Income Tax Return.

► Confirm completion of all compliance returns (GST, WCB, Payroll, etc.) and assess for reasonability.

► Complete tax planning for corporate shareholders.

► Draft letters to your lawyer to prepare the necessary resolutions for dividends declared.

Looking for a cost effective financial statement for companies who require higher accuracy and assurance? View our review services below.

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