Review engagement reports provide a cost effective financial statement for companies who require higher accuracy and assurance, as generally required by lenders for significant levels of financing or other stakeholders. 

Our Chartered Professional Accountants will use analytical procedures, inquiries, and discussions to complete the review services.

Review engagements provide a higher degree of accuracy than a compilation of your financial statements and without the extensive analysis that comes with an audit.

This is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses as we complete our review to provide an opinion and identify whether anything has come to our attention which may indicate your financials are false or misleading.

To further help you understand your business, we will also provide recommendations regarding any issues that have come to our attention.

Review Services

► Prepare financial statements in accordance with applicable accounting standards, including a Balance Sheet, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Earnings, Statement of Cash Flows, and Notes to the Financial Statements.

► Provide a detailed management letter outlining upcoming tax liability and filing responsibilities.

► Prepare and file the T2 Corporate Income Tax Return.

► Prepare in-depth corporate tax planning and individual tax planning for shareholders.

► Review all compliance returns (GST, WCB, Payroll, etc.) to confirm accuracy and filings are up-to-date.

► Draft letters of instructions to your lawyer to draft the necessary resolutions for dividends declared or other issues regarding corporate structure

Our Chartered Professional Accountants will use various procedures including analytical and inquiry to complete audit services for your business.

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